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4 Things You Need To Know About Defensive Driving Classes

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sadly, one of the most dangerous things anyone can do today is get in a car and drive. In the United States, there are roughly 33,783 deaths each year to traffic accidents. There are also an untold number of non-fatal accidents and fender benders as well. It’s hard to say exactly why driving is such a dangerous business today, but one thing that all drivers can and should do for their own protection is take a defensive driving course. 1. What Is Defensive Driving? Defensive driving isn’t only for professional security people or...

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What You Gain By Dusting Off Your Passport

Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Now-a-days you can take a trip and never leave home by watching travel videos/shows on the internet or on cable. The older you get, the more comfortable you get with routine and ease. Stepping out of a nice, but self-made, prison can be tough. So why visit a travel agency, like Lake City Travel & Cruises, get that passport renewed, and pack your bags? Here are seven several life-altering reasons you need to start experiencing rest of the world. Creates Better Happy Places in your Brain When life and work is stressful, having...

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Preparing For Your Wedding Day

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you are getting married, you will have a lot of last-minute things to take care of in the weeks before your wedding. Preparation is crucial in order to make sure that your wedding day goes smoothly. Here are some last-minute things that you should check on a week or so before your wedding date to make sure that everything is falling into place. Call The Officiant Make a phone call to the person who is performing your wedding ceremony to make sure that there are no unanswered questions about how you would...

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Don’t Let Your Savings Dry Up: Cheaper Boat Storage Often Has Hidden Issues

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you’re trying to find a location in which to store your boat for a few months at a port, you’ve got to consider more than just the general location and cost. While mooring fields and dry storage might seem ore economical, they could have so many restrictions on accessing your boat that their initial cheaper costs are quickly overwhelmed by costs associated with just being able to see the boat. Dry Storage: No Emergency Access When you want to store a boat at a port for a while, you can rent a berth at a marina, or you can...

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Hiring A Car Service: Benefits And Tips

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When you hire a chauffeured car service for guests, clients, or yourself, you pay for more than transportation. Read more to learn about why you might want to hire a car service, and the things you should know if you do hire one: The Benefits Of Hiring A Car Service Car services have long been treasured by those in the upper economic brackets, and were once seen as something used only by the very rich or famous. Today, however, they’ve become an affordable luxury that people use for a variety of reasons, both within their own hometowns...

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Expo Expense: 4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Company’s Expos

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Does your company commit itself to a lot of expos? Expos are a fantastic way to reach out to other businesses within your industry and to discover the newest developments — but they can also be extraordinarily expensive. If you want to ensure that your expo is a success without being a drain on your budget, there are a few little tricks that you can use to reduce your expenses. 1. Swap the Food Expense for a Per Diem Not only does a per diem make more sense — it’s easier to fit into the budget — but it also ensures that you won’t...

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